About the SMR

SMR Goals

  • Increase communication among melanoma researchers.

    The exchange of knowledge and ideas is critical for the field. To increase communication among its researchers, the Society for Melanoma Research will hold annual (or biennial) meetings for all researchers interested in the field. The emphasis of these meetings will be on new research results. The meetings should also be of interest to clinical researchers.

  • Support young investigators interested in establishing a career in the field through travel awards.
  • Work with advocacy groups to increase awareness of the fundamental importance of research in lessening the burden of morbidity and mortality of melanoma and to increase funding for research.
  • Promote cooperation among organizations focused on melanoma prevention, screening, and surveillance.
  • Support coordination among major clinical and experimental research groups.
  • Represent the melanoma research community to the public, including funding agencies.
  • Develop a quarterly newsletter/journal for all melanoma-related issues that informs researchers on new developments in the field.